Tips for Winning Instant Win Games (IWGs)

Posted by Shannon Schulte | On: Oct 11 2012

Tips on How to Win Instant Win Games

IWG TipsEver wonder about the best tips to help you win on Instant Win Games? We all know how frustrating it can be when you go day after day and try to win with no luck. Here are some tips to help you get that win!

So what’s an instant win game, you may ask? An instant win games are a type of sweepstakes ran by a sponsor in which the prizes will be awarded at randomly pre-selected times.  For this reason, timing can be crucial for winning instant win games. Types of instant win games include spin to win, spin a wheel, matching games, hidden picture games, select a box or another item, and many other options.  The choices you  make will have no effect on whether or not you’ve won a prize, as the entry times have been pre-selected for choosing winners.  Often, you can skip the game to find out the results if you don’t wish to play.

Where to Find Instant Win Games

Instant win games can be found on our dedicated instant win game page found here AND as they are added each week here.

More Instant Win Game Tips

1. Time  Matters!- Entering during different times of the day has shown to make you win more or less. If you enter between 3pm and 9pm, chances are, you have a lot more competition than during the times of 1am and 4am. You have a lot less people online during these times, so therefore you have a greater chance of winning! Remember to play EARLY or LATE!

2.  Enter Daily!- Since most Instant Win Games allow you to enter daily, take advantage of it! The more often you play the instant win game sweepstakes, the better your chances of winning. You never know when it may be your lucky day!

3. Instant Win Game entry period- The shorter the entry period (how long the contest runs) the better your chances. If you are entering an IWG that is running for 6 months or longer, you will have a lot more people who know about it, so your competition numbers go up and your chance of winning go down. Instant win games running for 6 months or less give you greater chances of winning because you have a shorter amount of time for people to find out about the Instant Win Game!

4. Keep Records of Your  Instant Win Game Wins Many sweepers like to keep screenshot records of their instant win game wins. Some of these are for personal records and some are to share with friends! (You can share them on the Sweepstakes Mama Facebook fan page!) To take a screenshot there are multiple tools.

Windows XP  Screen Shot

  • To make a copy of the entire screen, press the Print Screen Key, usually labeled “Prt sc” or “Print Screen”.
  • To copy only a a specific open window, click on the tab you would like to make a screenshot of, then press the ALT key and the Print Screen Key at the same time, and then release both keys.

Next, open the application where you would like to paste the image (Paint works well, especially if you would like to crop the image or edit out parts like gift card numbers that you don’t want to share with everyone).  Paste the image by pressing the Control and V keys at the same time.

Snipping Tool

Many Windows Computers have a snipping tool. Try searching for the snipping tool by opening up windows and search “snipping”. It makes taking screenshots very convenient. Simply  click new, cut around the area you would like to save, and save it as a file.

These may seem like “duh!” types of tips but there’s a lot of people that don’t know them! Check out some of the current Instant Win Games and let us know if you win any games by using these tips!

Mac OS X Screenshot Tool

To copy the entire desktop image, press Command Control shift 3 at the same time or to save it directly as a PNG file click Command Shift 3 at the same time.

If you only want to screenshot a small area, use Command Shift 4. To use it as a camera tool, kind of like the snipping tool, use command shift 4 and space bar to select the desired area.

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