Sweepstakes Notification: How Will I Know if I win?

Posted by Shannon Schulte | On: Oct 09 2012

The Winner is...I get this question a lot. How will I know if I win?  What are the methods of sweepstakes notifications? When we first start out entering sweepstakes, we wonder this very question. Sweepstakes notifications can come in many forms.

Types of Sweepstakes Notification

1. By Mail- A lot of the time, sponsors will send you a winning notification in the form of a letter in the mail. It could be shipped through USPS, UPS or even FedEx. They will require you to get back with them in order for you to receive your prize.

2. By Phone- Another way that sponsors will try to reach you is through a telephone call. Most of the time, they won’t leave a message stating that you won so you always want to use a number where you can easily be reached! If you are unable to be reached after a certain number of times, they will move on to the next in line.

3. By eMail- You may also receive an email stating that you have won to the email address that you used on your entry form. Normally, there will be some sort of form for you to return to them or a website for you to go to for more information regarding your prize. Make sure to check your email frequently!

4. Facebook “Other” Folder- Sometimes, you will get a winning notification to your “other” folder on Facebook. That folder can be pesky so make sure you check there often! While you are logged into your Facebook profile, click “messages” and there will be a folder that says “other” right under it!

5. Check back at sites  Some sweepstakes will indicate that you should check back to find out if you’re a winner! Be sure to add these to a folder in your bookmarks (bookmark those that indicate winners announced here only)- After you enter on a site, make sure to bookmark that site so you know where to go in order to see if you are a winner!

6. Create Google Alerts with your name- You can also set up Google Alerts to go to your email. You just put in your name and anytime your name is used on a site, you will receive and alert from Google to your email and then you can see if you are a winner!

7. Surprise Wins- Love these! Every now and then, you will just have a prize show up at your door! You won’t even know that it is coming!

8. Instant Notification- Instant win games provide immediate gratification! Instantly find out if you’re a winner by playing our instant win game page!

If you think it’s a scam, ask for help! We are always here to help you celebrate and navigate your way through potential wins! Be sure to read our identifying sweepstakes scams guide for more info.


Winning is always fun! Be sure to share your wins in comments, by emailing me at info@sweepstakesmama.com, or by posting them on our Facebook fan page!

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