My Wins

Since I’m Sweepstakes Mama and the “Twitter Queen” and “THE Grand Prize Winner”, I frequently get requests for a summary of some of the prizes that I’ve won.

Starting with my first win of a soccer ball until today, I’ve won thousands of  miscellaneous and small prizes (worth less than $500) to some really big grand prizes like a $15,000 trip to South Africa. In 2010 and 2011, I completely won all of our Christmas gifts for our family, and YOU can too!

Winning sweepstakes helps those on a middle-class income afford to do things they never could imagine doing! Some jokingly say we can do things when they “win the lottery.” I don’t know about winning the lottery (I have won some scratch off tickets with nice cash prizes), but it’s about winning things you would never imagine possible! Once in a lifetime experiences, taking luxurious trips, and indulging in things we could only dream of is often only possible by WINNING. You can WIN and WIN BIG!

Sweepstakes Mama on safari at Sabona Wildlife Reserve.

Here are some thing I have won in the past couple of years:

  • Many Gift Cards ranging in value from $5-$5000
  • Big Screen HD 3d TV
  • Days at the Spa
  • Gaming systems like a Wii and a PS3 Move
  • $1000 entertainment prize pack from Family Dollar
  • Many trips ranging from a luxury safari in South Africa and to an all inclusive resort in Jamaica and those here in the USA.
  • Over $5000 in Groceries and Free Food Coupons
  • Home Appliances
  • Celebrity Meet and Greets including hanging with Sarah McClachlan at Lilith Fair, chatting with Paula Deen and Michael, partying with Alyson Hannigan, jamming with Stone Temple Pilots and video taping their performance on stage, taking my boys to play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters and more.
  • Season Passes to Six Flags
  • Designer Shoes, Purses, and Jewelry (you should see my closet) I love shoes!
  • 8 Flip Cams
  • iPod Touches
  • iPads galore!
  • JVC Camcorder
  • Several Cash Prizes
  • Gift Baskets
  • Toys and Board Games for my boys
  • Tickets to many fun concerts, movie tickets, shows and family passes to the zoo
  • THOUSANDS of other miscellaneous prizes

I hope this inspires you to keep trying, and know that you CAN win, too!

About Shannon Schulte

Shannon Schulte is a mother, Navy wife, and blogger from Dallas, TX that has become a sweepstakes and social media brand specialist. Founder and CEO of Sweepstakes Mama, she has an extended, multi-platform reach and influence. She is a recognized expert in the worlds of sweepstakes, social media, and consumer brand promotion.   Join Sweepstakes Mama on Twitter and become a fan of Sweepstakes Mama on Facebook.