Interview With a Sweepstakes Mama Grand Prize Winner

Posted by Shannon Schulte | On: Sep 18 2012


Interview With a Sweepstakes Mama Grand Prize Winner

spectracide grand prize winner

Recently I chatted with Lauren Peterson, Sweepstakes Mama reader, to discuss her most recent grand prize win….. $20,000!!!! I can share my perspective on grand prize wins, but we LOVE hearing your stories too!

Lauren Peterson was named the grand prize winner of Spectracide’s “Make the Smart Choice” sweepstakes she found here on Sweepstakes Mama. Her grand prize was a check for $20,000.


How did you get notified of your big win?

When I got the email, I was in complete shock. I’d entered once a day for quite a while, but figured I’d shoot for one of the weekly prizes. I showed the email to my husband, and he believed the email more quickly than I did. Since I was kind of unsure (I would have thought they’d call me instead of an email), I sent Shannon an emailB, asking if it was legit. I wasn’t familiar with the prize company they used, but figured if Shannon gave the okay, then it was real. Well, Shannon said it was legit, but to stay low about it until they announced it on Facebook.

How difficult was the paperwork process?

They sent the paperwork pretty fast, and I made a beeline to Staples that day to fax everything back. I’ve never rushed there so fast!

The woman I emailed back and forth with was so nice, and really helpful with everything. She kept me up to date on what was going on, and when to expect the check. It was great!

What are your plans for your BIG cash win?

We’re going to save most of the money, set it aside for an emergency fund. As two poor college kids, this money’s going to hopefully get us through until we both graduate.

Would you call this a “dream” win? 

This is definitely the type of prize you always hope for, but never expect. My chances of winning must have been miniscule. But I got lucky, and my name was chosen. I’m really grateful to Spectracide for such an amazing prize, and I’m going to make sure I’m smart with the money. A crazy shopping spree is really tempting, but we’re going to use the money for school and any emergencies that come up.
And of course, thanks to Shannon and the rest of the Sweepstakes Mama team, for helping me confirm my win, and for always working so hard to help others win. Without people like her, I wouldn’t be winning at all!

Thanks for the interview Lauren and congratulations again! If you have been a big winner and would like to see yourself featured on Sweepstakes Mama, send us an email with your story and an image!


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  1. JoeyfromSC says:

    WOW, that is a great story! Congrats! I hope to submit a story one of these days lol

    Huge thanks to SweepsMama & her team for helping us learn more about sweepstakes daily!!

  2. Cheryl Christian says:

    This is so awesome that I got goosebumps just reading Lauren’s story. Thanks for having such a great site for all of us sweepies. Congrats again Lauren.

  3. Danielle Pontow says:

    great story.. so glad to hear

  4. Melanie Montgomery says:

    Congrats on your win!

  5. Becky J says:

    So awesome!! Congrats Lauren, you give us all hope!! Thanks to Sweepstakes Mama for posting such great sweeps for all of us!!

  6. christy marie says:

    Congratulations, Lauren! What an inspirational win. So smart of you to save it, too.

  7. Michael Wright says:

    A huge contratulations, that is a fantastic win.

  8. gypse2 says:

    Congrats to you!!

  9. sarah woods says:

    You go girl for the win

  10. Michelle Bartley says:

    Congrats Lauren! Been your sweeping buddy for a long time! Thanks also to Shannon Shulte and her crew for having such a wonderful site for all sweepers!!

  11. Janet says:

    What a great story! Congratulations to the winner!

  12. Stacie says:

    SO exciting to read about your win, Lauren! As a new sweeper, it’s given me some hope that it really does happen! Congrats on your awesome and well-deserved win!

  13. MamaBreak says:

    congrats on your win! How exciting!

  14. will joe says:

    Awesome win I have to say.

  15. jheylo says:

    wow cool. congratulation

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