How to Win Twitter Sweepstakes

Posted by Shannon Schulte | On: Jul 16 2012

How to Win Twitter Sweepstakes

Twitter is one of the hottest ways to win sweepstakes with short entry periods. If you do not yet have a Twitter account, then you are definitely missing out on some very valuable opportunities to win big!

After registering for a Twitter account, pick out a photo you don’t mind sharing and write a short bio of yourself. You’re more likely to win if sponsors know you are a real person!

I personally have won vacations, cash, gift cards, toys, and more on Twitter! Before getting started with Twitter sweepstakes and tweeting to win, there’s a few things to learn. The Sweepstakes Mama team is here to help, so if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or tweet us!

Twitter Sweepstakes Variations

Twitter sweepstakes, sometimes called “tweetstakes” often come with easy instructions and official rules. Be sure to check the official rules to verify that you are eligible to enter and the frequency that you are allowed to enter, as you would any other sweepstakes. Also, be sure that the giveaway is open to US residents and check to see if it is a one time tweet (much like a one time entry) or if you can enter more often.  An easy way to check where the Twitter giveaway sponsor is located, is by checking the sponsor’s location under their twitter handle on their profile.

For example:



Often, Twitter sweepstakes are as easy as following to win, retweeting a specific tweet (retweet is frequently abbreviated as RT), or tweet back a response to a question.  I find Twitter sweepstakes by searching the #Sweepstakes, Sweepstakes, giveaway, retweet to win, or RT to win in the Twitter search bar. You will find numerous new giveaways very quickly.

After completing the task, you will be able to check your mentions or direct messages to see if you won.

To check your mentions, click the @connect button on top of your profile or click the mentions button.

twitter connect

If you wish to check your  messages, often called “DMs” for Direct Messages click the person figure to open the drop down menu.

twitter direct messages

Be sure to check your direct messages often, as you are not always notified if you have a new direct message (or potential win!)

Be sure to follow the Sweepstakes Mama team on Twitter for up-to-date new Twitter sweepstakes!






Advantages of Twitter Sweepstakes or Tweetstakes

Twitter sweepstakes have been popular for only a few years now, and like Pinterest sweepstakes are a great alternative to traditional online sweepstaking. The odds are often better because there are few people entering, and therefore, fewer entries.   Getting involved on Twitter is a fun way to make new sweepstaking friends and entering to win some awesome prizes!  Twitter sweepstakes are often flash giveaways. They are very short entry periods, as short as one hour or one day,  so staying on top of your Twitter timeline is a great way to find some new tweetstakes.

After getting started tweeting to win, you will be winning Twitter sweepstakes and Twitter giveaways in no time!  To get started, create a Twitter account, follow myself @SweepsMama and learn how to win on Twitter!  Good luck!

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Shannon Schulte is a mother, Navy wife, and blogger from Dallas, TX that has become a sweepstakes and social media brand specialist. Founder and CEO of Sweepstakes Mama, she has an extended, multi-platform reach and influence. She is a recognized expert in the worlds of sweepstakes, social media, and consumer brand promotion.   Join Sweepstakes Mama on Twitter and become a fan of Sweepstakes Mama on Facebook.


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