CVS Holiday Giveaway

Posted by Shannon Schulte | On: Dec 13 2012

CVS Holiday Giveaway

There are tons of gifts for everyone in the family at CVS from tools for dad, to fragrances for mom, and toys for the kids in the family! To celebrate, CVS and Sweepstakes Mama would love to give one lucky reader a $60 prize pack of unexpected finds from CVS in our CVS Holiday Giveaway! To enter, fill out the rafflecopter form below, and make sure to leave a comment with YOUR favorite thing to shop for at CVS/pharmacy is during the holiday season!

Our CVS Flash Holiday Giveaway is only open for 48 hours, so enter NOW!
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  1. i love buying make up and hair care products to fill up my two daughters stockings!

  2. i loveeeee to buy stocking stuffers!

  3. Bobbi H. says:

    I love to buy Ferrero Rocher Chocolates at CVS during the holidiays.

  4. Make up and beauty supplies!

  5. Anything my wife wants! “:)

  6. My vitamins and little goodies :)

  7. Rachel says:

    Candy, especially Lifesavers Books

  8. kaye lake says:

    I got the cutest shirt there for my dog, it said “friend me”…they have nice pet terms…

  9. Ciera S says:

    greeting cards and Christmas ornaments

  10. I love to buy stocking stuffers.

  11. Pedro R Cruz says:

    My wife says we just love to buy clothes, shoes and Christmas decorations for the house. I personally go for the good stuff, toys and electronics lol!

  12. Laura Q. says:

    During the holidays at CVS, I like to look for “As Seen on TV” items for gifts!

  13. Maralea says:

    Decorations and stocking stuffers!

  14. Shannon M says:

    I love to buy the little bath sets & makeup stocking stuffers!

  15. Don G. says:

    I love their prices on vitamins !

  16. Lisa Brooks says:

    Stocking Stuffers, and Everything else. LOL

  17. tina stiers says:


  18. Jeri says:

    Toys for my babies

  19. Terri Barton says:

    Christmas candy & decorations

  20. Stocking stuffers are still on my list..

  21. Vanessa says:

    I like going there for stocking stuffers.

  22. Anika Hughes says:

    Probably gift cards and batteries.

  23. Dani G says:

    Who doesn’t love candy?

  24. Lloyd Mossey says:

    Christmas decorations

  25. Livivua c says:

    I love thevfragrance dals

  26. Would love to win! Merry Christmas to all.

  27. Allison C says:

    CVS is the go to place for cold and flu meds.

  28. Cindi says:

    All the sales!

  29. Joann Smith says:

    I love to buy there stocking stuffers.

  30. the CVS here is always festive,whether its Halloween or Xmas!! i love to go for window shopping in our CVS!!

  31. Debbie says:

    Beauty Supplies!!!

  32. I coupon so I love cvs all the time but this is a great time for stocking stuffers and last minute toys if I forgot anyone.

  33. pat sims says:

    chocolates and goodies for stockings!

  34. I love their Chrstmas candies and decorations. Love to shop with my card and coupons.

  35. Sandra Beeman says:

    IU like to buy stocking stuffers at CVS.

  36. Michel says:

    Christmas odds-and-ends… on sale the day after! :)

  37. susan lloyd says:

    I would love to win!

  38. Lucy Lopez says:

    I like buying makeup and perfumes.

  39. amanda says:

    Would love to buy some more stocking stuffers

  40. Nadia says:

    I love to make photo books for Christmas gifts.


  42. i could use some new clothes

  43. I love buying decorations for the tree. My taste will change year from year on how I want to decorate and soon enough my children will able to help me decorate!

  44. linda brooks says:

    I love buying candy for stocking stuffers

  45. Jenn H says:

    I love getting the ECB deals!

  46. John Joseph says:

    love buying snacks to stuff in stockings and the perfumes and holiday toys there

  47. Robert S. says:

    I like buying holiday gifts for our dog there – they have some great chew treats and toys.

  48. Kimberly Gloss says:

    I love filling my daughters stocking with perfume and beauty products. They love it.

  49. Brande says:

    Candy and stocking stuffers

  50. Liz Newsome says:

    I love to get candy! Yum!

  51. I like to buy candy and makeup at CVS

  52. Latina Reddick @LatinaR says:

    I like to buy small last minute stocking stuffers

  53. I buy all my Stocking Stuffers at CVS ! love it

  54. Stocking Stuffers, and egg nog! They always carry the gustafson’s egg nog which is my favorite!

  55. Rise Isom says:

    Gift wrap and bows.

  56. chuck bolster says:


  57. they have great stuff in their seasonal isle for stocking stuffers!

  58. stompeez slippers and dream lite pillow pets…no shipping and cheaper than as seen on tv ads

  59. Amy Orvin says:

    candy or decorations

  60. Holiday movies, snacks, or cute pet items for my furkids.

  61. evans s says:

    I can always find really nice stocking stuffers

  62. Nail polish and candy!

  63. Dwight says:

    since I have no money, I would buy a gift for my mom, my aunt and my sister.

  64. mar g says:

    love chocolate covered cherries

  65. kimberley b. says:

    christmas cards and decorations

  66. Donna Lane says:

    I love to buy Christmas presents for my family.

  67. rose says:

    another great prize/thank you!

  68. Tia A says:

    I love the great deals that CVS has on all my favorite candy and also they have great deals on health/beauty products ;-)

  69. Ellen C. says:

    I like their decorations. Thanks for the chance.

  70. Mandy says:

    I purchase a lot of chocolates.

  71. Anne W. says:

    I flippin’ love CVS and Extra Bucks. I love their makeup clearance sales :)

  72. Teresa C says:

    I like to shop for stocking stuffers

  73. Sharon Kelly says:

    candy and stocking stuffers

  74. Patricia U. says:

    Greeting cards and candy canes

  75. cvs almost sells everything, my favorite is whaterver i can get on sale!!!

  76. Our CVS is kinda a small store. I normally buy personnal hygiene items (lotion, body wash). Also Laundry & dish soap are always a good buy!

  77. Louis says:

    greeting cards, wrap and ribbon
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  78. Denise N. says:

    Shimmery makeup for me and stocking stuffers for the family

  79. Robin Y says:

    Makeup and time of the year cold medicine.

  80. decorations, candy, stocking stuffers

  81. Danette says:

    Stocking Stuffers!!

  82. I love to buy the stocking stuffers at CVS like personal products, nail polish, small toys and nuts and candy. Love CVS!

  83. I buy all of my holiday candy at CVS

  84. jane says:

    All of my make up needs! CVS has the best prices!

  85. Leslie says:

    beauty supplies and candy for stocking stuffers!

  86. Alexia Reyes says:

    I love buying stocking stuffers and candy!

  87. I love their Honey-Roasted cashews..the CVS brand is awesome and they make great gifts for the stocking.

  88. Stocking Stuffers for my Grandaughter!

  89. Laura M says:

    I buy a lot of my stocking stuffers there!

  90. Kristy S says:

    I love to visit my local CVS during the holidays for stocking stuffers and candy.

  91. Wrapping paper and other gift prep items

  92. Greeting cards for the family in France

  93. Andrea New says:

    I love buying beauty products and wine. Their wine section is awesome!

  94. ashley says:

    candy and makeup!

  95. Angela says:

    wrapping paper etc.

  96. Kristine says:

    I love to get stocking stuffers

  97. Alicia says:

    Love to buy candies

  98. Ashley H says:

    Candy and stocking stuffers.

  99. heather says:

    I love the candy at CVS this time of year.

  100. Gregory says:

    I love parousing the aisles for great deals!

  101. Theresa N says:

    Chocolate treat for the stockings.

  102. Jessi says:

    I like to buy candy and makeup

  103. I love buying stocking stuffers and christmas decorations

  104. denise t says:

    I always try to get little stocking stuffer gifts.

  105. I love getting my stocking stuffers there

  106. love the little unique things you find there

  107. Mary Cloud says:

    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  108. Peggy says:

    Since the holiday season is also cold and flu season, it seems like I buy more OTC meds, kleenex and 7-up. LOL. But then I also like to grab stocking stuffers and makeup for my daughter!!!

  109. Jenn Wheeler says:

    Perfumes and bath sets

  110. Shannon Byrd says:

    Candy for stocking stuffers

  111. I love getting giftsets and chocolate candy there

  112. Tamie Tarbox says:

    I love to shop CVS! They have so many good deals on so many products. My favorite items this time of year though would have to be the aftershave and perfume products. Much better priced then the malls!

  113. paula says:

    Love buying stocking stuffers candy,hair supplies,small toys

  114. Stocking stuffers, candy & vitamin support for me!

  115. Pat B says:

    Stocking stuffers for my kids and grandson..

  116. Steven Epstein says:


  117. Brandi Price says:

    I mostly get stocking stuffers around the holidays from CVS

  118. Diane Miller says:

    always findgreat products at CVS

  119. yelitza says:

    I love shoppping there with coupon makers awesome love it… everything in stocking :) Happy Holiday

  120. Debbie B says:

    i love buying gift cards at my CVS they have a really good selection

  121. I love to shop for last minute gifts.

  122. GISELA SMITH says:

    Anything I can save money on!

  123. I like buying Christmas wrapping paper and stocking stuffers.

  124. Kristina says:

    I love stocking stuffers!

  125. K Anne says:

    I love to stock up on make up for our work’s holiday party and New Year’s Eve.

  126. amy sass says:

    i like to buy candy for stocking stuffers

  127. Tim says:

    My favorite thing to buy at CVS during the holidays is candy.

  128. Everyone loves Chocolate, no one more than me! ;-) Great contest & blog!

  129. Decorations and candy!!!!

  130. laurie says:

    Candy, candy & more candy!

  131. tammy young says:

    i like to buy candy and stuff for my house

  132. Ashli M. says:

    I love to buy the mini reeses cups in the red and silver foil.

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